Product Launch/ Litigation Support

Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project.

Freedom-to-operate (FTO) Search

We understand you want to have the ability to sell one’s product or services without infringing the patent rights of another party.

Infringement Search

We will also conduct an infringement search to determine whether your proposed product infringes any in-force patent claim or not.

Validity / Invalidity Study

Our invalidity/validity search will identify prior art references that might be used alone or with combining to contest the validity of the claims in a patent or patent application.

EOU / IOU Charts

In the context of patent litigation and enforcement, “Evidence of Use” (EOU) patent claim charts are visual representations that demonstrate

Let’s Create Something Together!

Sticking to core values of giving the best quality, reduced timelines, customer centric approach, 24×7 availability and giving the best value for customer’s money made IMMUNIS IP a unique Patent service provider for the customers.