Ram Konduru

Ram Konduru

He is the co-founder of IMMUNIS IP, pioneer in offering Patent services. 

Ram Konduru – is the co-founder of IMMUNIS IP. With a deep passion for Intellectual property, Ram brings a wealth of experience and his journey with several big Multinationals and Corporates has been instrumental in the development of IMMUNIS IP, making it what it is today.

Ram Konduru is a highly accomplished and respected patent professional renowned for his expertise in intellectual property, patent law, and innovation management. With an impressive career dedicated to the intricacies of patents and intellectual property, Ram has established himself as a leader in the field.

Ram’s journey as a patent professional is marked by his deep understanding of patent law, keen attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of protecting and maximizing the value of intellectual assets. He has played a pivotal role in helping individuals, startups, and established companies navigate the complex world of patents.

One of Ram’s defining qualities is his ability to bridge the gap between legal intricacies and technical intricacies. He possesses a unique talent for translating complex technical innovations into robust patent portfolios that safeguard intellectual property rights and drive business growth.

Ram Konduru’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the legal realm. He is an advocate for fostering a culture of innovation within organizations, encouraging inventors, and guiding them through the patent process. His dedication to preserving the integrity of intellectual property rights has been instrumental in shaping the innovation landscape.

As a patent professional, Ram Konduru’s contributions to the field are both impactful and enduring. His extensive knowledge, dedication to clients, and unwavering commitment to protecting intellectual assets make him a true luminary in the world of patent law and innovation management.

In an era where innovation and intellectual property are at the forefront of business strategy, Ram Konduru stands as a trusted advisor and advocate for individuals and organizations seeking to protect their innovations and advance their competitive edge. His expertise continues to shape the landscape of intellectual property, making him a recognized and respected figure in the field.

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