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Concept / Ideation Stage

Before embarking on the patent application, it is important to conduct a prior art search. This search helps the inventor in determining the novelty of his invention and makes the process more economical as well as cost-effective.

Patent Protection

Merely having commercially successful ideas doesn’t suffice in this ever-competitive world. One need to protect the ideas from imitations. One can use patents to protect the technical inventions against unwanted imitation. Patent protection strengthens the position of an enterprise in the global market.

Patent Illustrations/Drawings

Best Drawings make a Best Patent. Patent Drawings are the visual representation of the invention. Patent Drawings play a pivotal role in a patent application. Clear drawings strengthen and enhance the patent application.

Product Launch/ Litigation Support

Prior to launching a new product, and to minimize the risk of infringement it is prudent to ensure that the commercial production, marketing and use of the new product, process or service does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Technology Overview

Technology Overview is a patent study that involves Qualitative analysis of core patents, Technological road map, multifarious analysis and Quantitative analysis based on statistical data of bibliographic information on a desire subject matter.

Trademark & Copyright

A trademark serves to exclusively identify a product or service with a specific company, and is a recognition of that company's ownership of the brand. One of the main purposes of having trademark and copyright is to protect the product from being used without permission of the source company.

Other IP Services

We are a leading translation provider, offering high-quality patent translations for IP law firms around the world. Our expertise in country-specific regulations and a large pool of highly qualified patent translators sets us apart from other translation companies.

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