Technology Overview

Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project.

Patent Landscape

At IMMUNIS IP, we understand that Patent landscape/mapping provides a snapshot of the patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given country or region or globally.

Competitive Intelligence

We understand that the competitive landscape is crucial for any organization, and can even be more time-sensitive and business-critical in IP-driven activities such as product innovation, investing in R&D, merger & acquisition planning, etc.

IP Due-diligence

We know that the importance of due diligence in any investment, merger, or acquisition decision cannot be understated. Decisions can no longer be made based solely upon a good business plan.

Market research

In IMMUNIS IP, our team of experts also perform structure search. With the help of a new chemical structure search feature our experts can search for chemical information in patent documents.

Let’s Create Something Together!

Sticking to core values of giving the best quality, reduced timelines, customer centric approach, 24×7 availability and giving the best value for customer’s money made IMMUNIS IP a unique Patent service provider for the customers.